Yoga Time

Doing stretches before my walk. Moka

This is My Jam

You caught me! I was just jamming out to the new Spoon album (Hot Thoughts). Moka

My 4th Birthday

While everyone is celebrating another reason for 4/20, it is also another great day.. My (4th) Birthday!! (Dad got me a new Walk-e-Woo Collar) Moka

moka corgi beach day Dirk Gently’s Bentley Corgi

Corgi Beach Day

Just hanging with my dad and Bentley from  Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency tv show on BBC America at Corgi Beach Day. Moka

moka corgi

Glowy Moving Ball

Dad I love my glowing ball! I just cannot keep it from running away from me. Moka 

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